Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

This year I made my way to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta yet again.

Last year I was way excited but became super bummed when I realized I forgot the most important thing… my camera! (I ended up finding it immediately after the festival, hidden underneath the seat of my car…of course)

Anyway, if you know me, you begin to notice that strange and odd stuff happens to me all the time. Like the time I accidentally flushed a toilet while in an interview with my favorite hip-hop artist.

Of course, something goes awry, but with that comes better circumstances or stories.

Last year I froze my balls off. It was a road trip and we were sleeping in the car. We arrived when the park opened and had seriously underestimated just how cold it could get.

This year was no different (although I guess I did have the comfort of sleeping in a hotel overlooking the city).  I slept in a little too late, hit the snooze button one too many times and missed entering the park. The park opens up at about 4:30am and the mass ascension begins around 7.

Driving towards the park in a slight rush with a buddy of mine, we end up taking side streets to get as close as possible. (for some reason the roads to the fields were blocked off)

We finally make our way behind some business buildings and next to a canal and bike path. Hundreds of balloons were taking off and leading them in a direct line to us.

One of those times when it seems like, “yup, this was supposed to happen”.

The flock of balloons heading our way

We watched the balloons rise up, drift our way and literally land all around us. One of the balloons came within feet of hitting my friend’s jeep. Luckily, for us, a fence was in the way in which they became snagged. They ended up floating up and over and landing about 20 yards away.

My friend’s jeep, feet to the left

Even though I didn’t get to walk around, visit with vendors and enjoy some hot chocolate I would consider this International Balloon Fiesta trip a success.

I guess sleeping in a car last year did have some perks to it. haha I’ll probably find a place to stay this next time around. The comfort of the hotel was nice.

If you find yourself going to the international balloon fiesta you may consider doing some research and planning ahead of time. There are plenty of hotels and hostels in the area (busy this time of year), or maybe look into some Albuquerque Cabin Rentals. Either way, stay warm and don’t sleep in.

Now enough blabbering about the trip, time for some of my favorite pictures that I took (since I remembered my camera)!

Not a great picture, just a fan of Smokey

Here fishy fishy

What are you lookin at?

Well, those are some of the pictures from the bagillion that I took.

Which one is your favorite?


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    GREAT photos. Love the Smokey balloon. I just recently learned of this festival, and I want to try and attend next year. Nothing quite like the sight of seeing the sky overtaken by a million balloons.

  2. says

    Every year in October for 10 days! Do it ;) I’m planning on going this year again (If I’m in the states), and hopefully riding in one this time around.

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    Hey Pablo – Enjoyed your post on this event! Really want to do this some day! Wonderful photos – so glad you remembered your camera this time! Come visit my blog & leave a comment some time, would love to hear from you. Think I like the Angry Bird balloon the best, though the Fish one comes in a close second! Best regards, Deborah

    • says

      Thank you for checking it out! It was definitely nice to actually have my camera this time. haha I love that fish one, it was pretty cool watching it “swim” through the sky. haha

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