Casa De Olas – San Juan Del Sur



What? An excellent hotel/hostel in Nicaragua

Where? Overlooking the surf town of San Juan Del Sur

How Much? From $11 US to $45 US depending on dorm or private.

For booking or more information check out their website!



I was in Costa Rica during my summer backpacking trip when I met a random backpacker at the hostel that I was staying at. He was headed south and I was headed north to San Juan Del Sur.

I asked about the hostel he stayed at and he mentioned Naked Tiger Hostel. He wasn’t particularly fond of it.

Apparently he had been traveling for some time and the rowdiness was too much for him.

Curiosity, as it always does, got the better of me. I decided to check it out.

I made my way to the Naked Tiger hostel to find that it was overbooked. All dorms/hammocks and even couches were spoken for.

Before I made my way out, they suggested to try the hotel/hostel next door, Casa De Olas.

I make my way through their gates, see the infinity pool with a monkey lounging next to it and I knew it was the better choice for me.

Me and Buzz the spider monkey hanging out early morning :)


Casa De Olas’s beautiful hotel/hostel and hospitality combined with a stunning view of the harbor made for a great stay.

Right away their friendly staff greeted me, found me a dorm bed and handed me a beer.

It was twice as much as the Naked Tiger but well worth it. A nice pool, Buzz (spider monkey), beer, pancake breakfast and knowledgeable staff made it quite easy to pay the $11. (Yeah, even then, it’s only 11 dollars)

This hostel is not in the town of San Juan Del Sur but up on the mountainside overlooking it.

This offers one of the best views possible and getting to town is no problem. They have a driver that makes frequent drives to town throughout the day.

Along with being a hostel they also offer surfing lessons and rentals. During my time there they were housing a group of sponsored surfers. They would leave in the morning, surf all day, then return back for a dinner at the hostel.

I forgot to mention, if you’re not sure about what to eat and don’t want to worry about it, you can pay a little extra for a nice homemade meal every night!

Needless to say, I had an amazing time at Casa De Olas!

We had a movie night one night, went to the local rodeo one day and had a fantastic time getting to know one another over drinks at night.

If you find yourself in San Juan Del Sur I highly recommend you check out this hostel as an option for where to stay.

(This reflects my own personal opinion. I was not paid to write this review)



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  1. Hey thanks man! If you’re ever in Colorado or if I make my way to Ohio we’ll have to make a trip somewhere, have an adventure and take some pics!

  2. Looks pretty awesome. I was just in SJDS and stayed at Hostel Esperanza . . . didn’t like it very much, but it was right on the beach. Maybe I’ll check out this place next time.

  3. For sure! I considered staying in a hostel in SJDS for a night to be able to fully enjoy the city and night life. Having to catch a shuttle at a certain time has certain limitations.

    • Definitely. I actually ended up going back to San Juan later and stayed at the Naked Tiger (Olas was full). At that time their pool was down, so the rowdiness was at a minimum. Didn’t end up being half bad! haha

  4. I traveled what sounds like the same route this past summer. Love your blog and hope you had a great time. Hoping to return one day!

    Pura Vida