Why you should live life like you’re drunk

I’m drinking as I type this.


I get a little bit more confident. A little bit more cocky. A little bit too comfortable sometimes but it’s effective.

Am I really saying to live life like you’re drunk though?

In a way yes.

Maybe not drunk, but that stage right before you’re full-blown inebriated.

At this point life becomes magical for a lot of people.

It’s that stage where just a little nudge has enough of an influence to do something stupid.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with this.

You have the confidence to talk to that one person, make that one phone call or do that one stupid thing.

It’s liquid courage.

Now all of those situations may not lead to the best results and they may not always be the best idea…

But hey, you did something.

Sometimes that little something is all you need for something greater to come along or for that discussion to finally happen.


At this point in my life, especially when I travel, whenever I come to a point where I’m hesitant about a decision I ask myself two things:

1. If I had a couple of beers would I do it?

2. Will this make for some type of memorable story?

Nomad Pablo

It sounds a bit reckless and can be, but I’m still here, alive, and I have some stories to tell.

It was this thinking that had me forcing myself on my first backpacking trip.

It was this curiosity that had me translating a cocaine deal.

It was this bold decision to spend an evening hanging out with the son of one of Cancun’s founders and end up drinking with him, random businessmen and some.. um… call girls. (it was just drinks, nothing happened!) haha

A lot of my stories start with me drinking a beer. A lot of other stories start off without the alcohol.

All I’m trying to say is take a chance every now and again. Do something you wouldn’t normally do, talk to somebody you wouldn’t typically talk to and say yes more times than you say no.  <—Tweet this

I’m not suggesting to get hammered drunk, I’m just suggesting to try to live a little. ;)



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  1. Hi Pablo, you should put Belgium on your bucket list, we have lots of beers to choose from (I dare you to try them all :)). And I agree so much with you: live a little!

    • I would love to go to Belgium at some point, I’ve had several Belgian beer, to try and taste them all would be quite the task. ha I’ll work on it though! ; )

  2. I’m a officially a fan of your decision making process. I think I will adopt it for myself. A healthy amount of risk makes life more interesting, and as I’ve always said… If all else fails in a situation at least get a good story out of it!

  3. I LOVE this article – this is how I usually live my life (including the beer haha) and it’s a philosophy that yet has to fail me. It makes for the best stories… The worst mornings, too, but that’s another story!

    • Thank you! Glad to know I’m not the only one who lives like this. Often times, at the moment, it can be a bit crazy, but reminiscing afterward is a great time. : )