Longboard Addiction

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So I have a few addictions… traveling, basketball, movie watching, food (a large portion being cereal), music and of course… longboarding. I’m not talking about surfing (although I’m sure that when I do try it that I’ll be hooked)(update: Went surfing in Nicaragua this summer…I’m hooked). I’m talking about longboarding, like a long skateboard but with large wheels and crazy maneuvering capabilities.

I got into longboarding my freshman year of college and have been hooked since. I can’t get enough of the feeling that it creates. I put on my headphones and carve up and down hills. If I’m feeling more risky I’ll speed down some street slopes. Of course, to add to it, a perfect song companion that matches the type of riding I’m doing.

I’ve waken up at 4:00am to carve down country roads watching the sun come up.

I’ve ridden it from one side of the small city I live in to the other side(about 7 miles).

I used to work from 10:00pm to 7:00am and instead of a one hour lunch break at midnight I would take a one hour board break cruising down the nearby hills with the street lights and stars for my illumination.

If you read my earlier post on road trips you would have noticed that I take my board with me everywhere. That includes the majority of my travels.

Most recently I took it with me to Seattle and Vancouver. Seattle has some serious hills so I couldn’t ride it everywhere but It definitely came in handy.

It’s one of my biggest addictions and probably one of my better ones. It keeps me in shape, I jam out to some music while I ride and on top of that I stay green. Not to bad I don’t think.

So this leads me to an old video that my friend filmed during a road trip a few years ago. We were on our way to Phoenix driving through Utah when we came to the top of giant hill. I had my friend leave me at the top and drive to the bottom and wait for me there.

I made sure my shoes were tied and without knowing how steep or what kinds of turns and bends I would be running into, I pushed off…

I gathered speed ridiculously quick but was able to semi control it by carving back and forth. The video just shows me coming out of the mouth of the hill where the slope flattens out. Still, you can kinda see the speed and angle of it. That hill remains the biggest hill I’ve tackled.

Oh longboarding…

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  1. ..as we share many things on our bucket lists, this is still something I have yet to cross off my list.
    and you only make it sound that much more exciting to do :)

    P.s. Seattle is absolutely beautiful!!! Hills are intense, but that’s awesome!

    • Give it at least 10 dedicated hours over a week or two before you decide if you like it or not. My guess is that you’ll end up enjoying some aspect of it ;)

      haha those hills were awesome. I wanted to ride them down towards the Public market but it get’s so busy with foot and car traffic. There is no way I would be able to avoid a wreck.

  2. Sounds cool. I have always wanted to learn how to skateboard! (I’m sure longboarding is fun too.)
    I’m sure people thought you were crazy longboarding down a hill in such cold weather!

    • Either way you should check out boarding of some sort. It can be quite exhilarating!
      There were a few cars that passed me going up with drivers who gave some curious/crazy looks. haha

  3. Hello!
    I love that picture of those 2 guys on the longboard.
    Is it possible to use it for commercial purposes?
    Please contact me about this.