What’s Your Lemonade Stand?

Recently, as I was driving, I came across a lemonade stand. Several kids had a table set-up. Older kids sat in the shade of a tree while a couple of adorable young girls were coloring, making signs and waving them.

It made me smile, but I wasn’t really wanting lemonade so I drove by. As I continued driving I started doubting my decision.

It’s not that I was all of a sudden thirsty, but it was a realization that I hadn’t seen a lemonade stand in quite some time. It was the idea that maybe, if I bought a lemonade, the kids would appreciate their work in setting up a stand and would see that good things come with effort.

Lemonade stand

As my thought finished, I came across another stand with a few kids sitting out in the bright sun, no shade.

Now I had a dilemma. Do I stop here or turn around and go back to the first one?

I drove past them and made the decision to drive around the corner then double back and go to the first stand that had initially garnered my attention.

So I drive back to the first one with the idea that I would socialize with the kids for a second, snap a picture (if they were okay with it) and discuss the question on my blog of, What happened to lemonade stands?

That didn’t happen. (Notice the difference in title I chose compared to the original I had thought of)

I get to the first stand, smile, ask for a lemonade and tell the kids thank you. I take a drink and start trying to make small talk. I ask how their sale is going, how long they’ve been there, has it been pretty hot…

I received little to no response.

I was kinda shocked. Maybe I came across as creepy? The kids had one word answers and quickly shut down and avoided talking or interacting at all.

Stunned, I didn’t mention that I had my camera or wanting to write a post about their lemonade stand.

I made the decision to check out the second stand and try my luck there.

As I pulled up, I could tell the guys were much more personable.

Lemonade Stand

I mentioned their competition down the street as I bought a cup of lemonade and some candy.

These guys were social, responsive and even had candy to offer along with some pink lemonade.

It was another 25 cents per cup in comparison, but their friendly demeanor more than made up for it.

Of course, with these guys I brought up the idea of a post in regards to their lemonade stand and taking a couple of pictures of their operation.

More than willing, they smiled and allowed me to take a picture of their crew.

Kudos to these guys!

I feel like ideas and action that lead this kind of stuff is something that should be fostered more in our youth today.

If you’re not excited about something in your life, make something happen in your life worth being excited about. (<– Tweet This)

I remember as I was growing up I had my own little businesses to make some side cash. Not necessarily a lemonade stand, but comparable.

My Childhood Lemonade Stands

I was little entrepreneur and always had something I wanted to create or work on.

I would do something until I realized I wasn’t happy anymore then I would drop it and move on the next thing.

I remember being about 6 or 7 years old staying at my grandma’s house and making my own currency. haha

It was various colored scraps of cardboard paper with drawings I made. Every color had a different value to it and what I earned was determined by activities and things that I did. (This project only lasted a week or two. lol)

A couple of years later I started making and selling bead animals. Remember those? Mostly it was bead geckos that were ‘in’.

I had saved some money and invested in a bead tray, various beads and some material to make them. Yup, I was that serious about it. haha

As I made and sold these I realized that I could expand my business. I started figuring out patterns to make all kinds of different animals from frogs to lions to anything really. I ended up designing an order form on my mom’s computer that included a list of animals I could create, color options and patterns and different prices for everything. I took this order form everywhere trying to make sales. Always hustlin ; )

In middle school I worked a lot with reptiles, amphibians and aquatic animals. I invested in learning about them while earning money at the same time.

Madagascar Giant Day Gecko

I bred various reptiles and sold them to people and the local pet store. Then, a friend and I started a little business called, “Jiminy Crickets” where we sold crickets to the people we sold reptiles to. A full circle that continuously brought income.

In 8th grade and on through high school I realized I could undercut the school vending machines and still make a decent profit by selling my own snacks and drinks out of my locker.

I remember constantly being pulled out of all of my classes by kids from every grade throughout the day. I was always, “getting interviewed” or “taking a picture for yearbook” and other various excuses. haha

Little did they know, I was raking in an easy $100 a month profit at least and getting out of class all because I had cheaper snacks and drinks ; )

After high school I moved on to a little web design work on the side and became more involved with my actual job where I took care of and sold exotic animals and live corals and coral fragments.

This goes up to just about present time.

My current lemonade stand

What I’m excited about and currently doing now is everything involved and surrounding this blog.

I wouldn’t say my blog is my lemonade stand but rather a catalyst for various projects.

Immediately this blog is a catalyst for working on my photography and motivating me to go on adventures.

It goes beyond that though.

I’m hoping that my excitement and current zest for life has ripple effects and can motivate others to do the same in building and making some kind of  lemonade stand equivalent.

I’ve now finished paying off most of my debts and have quit my job.

Here in the next few months I’ll be embarking on a journey through various countries, cultures, ideas and ways of life.

Nomad Pablo

My future lemonade stands

I can’t say exactly what I’ll be doing, but I have some ideas!

First and foremost, as I initially begin traveling I’ll be volunteering at various places. I’ll be working in a variety of hostels and organic farms for sure and maybe some other things.

Part of the reason for volunteering is to expand my knowledge base on running a business as well as various farming techniques.

Come next year, I would like to start my own big project of opening up a hostel/farm. It would act as a home base, place for other travelers as well as small side income to support some of my adventures and projects.

Long-term I want to get it to the point where it can support myself, some friends and small staff with an amount of the proceeds feeding back into the local economy wherever it may be.

This brings me to ask,

What’s Your Lemonade Stand?

What’s your project?

What do you have going on?

When I ask this, I don’t mean obligations.

I mean, what is something that you’re excited to be working on right now? It doesn’t have to be for monetary gain either. Just something that you find rewarding or find joy in.


Let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your ideas and what gets you excited!


  1. says

    Ha, funny stuff. Yeah, I never really saw many lemonade stands. I think I started with making mix tapes for people in middle school – one of the benefits of being one of the first people with a CD burner.

    Then, that grew into me starting my own record label in high school… and then building a recording studio when I was in college.

    Ahh… fun times!

    Saw the part about you looking to volunteer when you travel. Let me know if you ever make it out to Taiwan – I know a hostel there who are always looking for staff.

    Also, where’s the Nomad Pilsner from?

    • says

      Starting your own record label sounds like that would be a fun venture! I did some spoken word stuff for a while and had a couple of friends who wanted me to try my hand at rapping. haha I stuck with spoken word.

      I’ll definitely let you know, I’m planning on making my way over there after Central America. That Pilsner is from Great Divide brewing out of Denver, Colorado. Aside from at the brewery I haven’t found too many places that carry it.

  2. says

    Love to squeeze this post! :D I won’t be surprised if the kids from lemonade stand #2 will be successful entrepreneurs in the future.

    Right now, my virtual lemonade stands are my blogs. I have plans of expanding and opening new branches soon. I simply need to plan a daily schedule and stick to it. Been lazy the past months lol

    • says

      I totally agree. Those kids had the right mentality, personality and were willing to be out full blast in the sun!

      I think setting a schedule and sticking to it has to be one of the hardest things. It’s difficult to stay on top of things and motivated sometimes, especially when it’s a one man/woman project.

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